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New Year, New You!

Posted on 08/01/2019
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Is your New Year’s resolution to start your own business, be more organised, get fit or to learn a new language? We can help! Well – perhaps not with the last one, but certainly the first three! Begin your new year in earnest and get ahead on your goals, stop using your treadmill as a clothes horse and your sofa as your office with our New Year tips! 

Elegant Fitted Home Office Furniture

Start Your Own Business

Whether you want to start your own business, turn a hobby into a money making sideline or are working from home you need a dedicated workspace. We can help you design the dream home office that helps you be as productive, professional and brilliant as possible! Read up on our home office blogs and visit one of our showrooms or arrange a free home design visit! 

Fitted Wardrobes with Mixed Interior

Be More Organised

An organised and tidy bedroom has many benefits, not least helping you have a good night’s sleep! Studies have shown that people sleep better when their bedroom is tidy, clean and free of clutter. Clearing clutter may also be one of your New Year’s Resolutions, so kill two birds with one stone by sorting out your wardrobes and giving unworn or unwanted items to charity shops and replacing your furniture with beautifully made fitted wardrobes that give you more space than a free-standing unit! Fitted wardrobes help you keep your bedroom clear and tidy, choose a combination of drawers, rails and compartments that means everything has a place – easily put away and eaily found. 

Get Fit! 

Has clearing the clutter unearthed sets of weights, stopped an exercise bike being used as a clothes horse, or created enough room to unroll your yoga mat? Make the most of the space and create a home gym! Mirrored wardrobe doors help you perfect your form and position, while the extra cupboard space give you plenty of room to store away medicine balls, skipping ropes and weights. If you’d rather not exercise in front of mirrors, use a combination of panels to create your ideal design. Transform a downstairs room or even your garage into a home gym and choose fitted wardrobes for bespoke floor to ceiling storage that maximises space and gives you a dedicated space to work out. 

Are you planning on making over your bedroom, spare bedroom or home office in 2019? Get in touch for a free quote and see how we can help you design your home to help you stick to your resolutions. Book a free design visit online or one of our showrooms in Norwich and Cambridge

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