The Mirror Image Factory Norwich

Made in Norfolk: The Mirror Image Factory

Posted 08/03/18

Since 1985 we’ve been making fitted bedrooms and offices from our factory in Norwich. Designing and building th...

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A tallboy in a bedroom of antique furniture

The Decline of the Tallboy

Posted 01/03/18

Wardrobes as we know them today haven’t been around for very long at all in the evolution of clothing storage. ...

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A bedroom we fitted that is perfect for practising Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Basics for Your Bedroom

Posted 22/02/18

Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy that seeks to harmonise individuals with their environment, and is one of the ...

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Lavender essential oils for a peaceful nights sleep

Flower Power: The Magic of Lavender!

Posted 14/02/18

This time of year roses are King of the flower kingdom, seen as the most romantic petal and stem combination, the...

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