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Designing a Modern Home Office

Modern Home Office Layout

The way we work has changed dramatically over the past decade or two. Smart phones and laptops have replaced the need for bulky desktop computers, fax machines, landlines, reference books and more. Now that nearly everything is digital and stored on tiny usb sticks or floating around in the cloud, we no longer need to print, file and store reams of documents in filing cabinets. This great shift in the way we work has also affected where we work, many more people are mobile or working from home. 

Combined workspaces are becoming more popular as more people begin to work from home. Combining a home office with a library or music room, or setting aside an area of the lounge, dining room or open space for working is practical for many. This change has led to a shift in the design of home offices, as the design needs to work with the rest of the house, they have become less formal and more flexible. Open shelving is a great way to integrate a home office into another room, by displaying books alongside ornaments, photographs and trinkets. 

Home Office Study Cinema Room

In the past, home offices needed far more equipment and filing cabinets than today, with layouts often restricted by the location of telephone points, modems and plug sockets. Nowadays we can be far more flexible in the layout and more minimal in the design. Now that so many devices are wireless, a desk can be untethered to the original wiring of the room, with discreet pop up power points installed in work tops and desks – a feature that’s as satisfying to use as it is aesthetically pleasing. 

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