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Tidy Room, Tidy Mind: Furniture to Help You Sleep Better?

Posted on 06/09/2017
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There is nothing more refreshing than a good night’s sleep. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation examined the relationship between a tidy room and a good night’s sleep and found the significant correlation that those who reported a tidy room were 19% more likely to report a good night’s sleep. Here’s how bedroom furniture from Mirror Image Ltd might help you catch a peaceful forty winks. 

A messy bedroom

A Place for Everything…

Bedroom furniture designed and built in our Norfolk factory and installed in your home by our professional team can provide a floor-to-ceiling storage solution. Unlike the furniture of some of our competitors, everything is made to measure – we never fit standardised wardrobes and glue infills over the gaps. All of our furniture is a unique piece built to fit the exact dimensions of your room.  

… And Everything in Its Place

When you choose bespoke furniture from Mirror Image Ltd, you can tell us exactly what you require in terms of storage and we can design a wardrobe with your needs in mind. If you have dozens of shoes, we can incorporate racks to accommodate them. Similarly, our installations can provide storage for coats and dresses and children’s toys and whatever else that is making your bedroom untidy.

Correlation is Not Causation

We don’t want to get accused of spreading misinformation. If you put all your stuff away and still don’t get a good night’s sleep, it may be because the survey only correlated tidy rooms and healthy sleeping patterns. And correlation says nothing about the direction of causation. It may be the case that getting a good night’s sleep gives you the energy to tidy your room!

A sliding wardrobe with one door open

Could a fitted wardrobe be the solution to your storage problems? We have showrooms in Norwich and Cambridge where you can see examples of our work and chat to our sales team about your dream wardrobe design. If you require any further information, please call us on 01603 417577.

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