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Maintaining Your Made-to-Measure Built-in Wardrobe

Posted on 27/04/2022
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When you have a made-to-measure built-in wardrobe installed by Mirror Image it comes with a no quibble 10 year guarantee. If something breaks down within a decade of installation - we’ll fix it, simple as that. That said, we have customers who report that their wardrobes are in good working condition 20 or even 30 years after installation. Here are some maintenance tips for maximising the longevity of your wardrobe.

Real wood frames and panels

This should be treated like any other solid wood furniture in your home - regular dusting with a duster or dry cloth to keep it clean, and occasional treatment with your favourite polish to give it that polished wood sheen.

Glass and mirrored panels

We recommend a quick spray using a glass cleaning fluid (or mixing your own using a tiny amount of detergent diluted in lots of water) then a rub over with some scrunched up newspaper or a paper towel. This should quickly remove any smears or prints left by a child’s fingers / dog’s nose, etc!  

Drawer runners

The key to keeping a drawer moving cleanly on its runners is making sure that the runner and its bearings are kept clean and free from dust and particles such as clothes fibres. Every 6 months or so, empty and remove the drawer from its runners and give both parts a thorough damp dusting. Allow to dry fully before replacing. 

Handles and hinges 

Metal door ‘furniture’ such as handles, closures and hinges should be cleaned with a dry cloth. Avoid acidic cleaning agents. Hinges might like a drop of lubricant from time to time - use a ‘dry’ lubricant such as WD40 rather than an oil based one that might stain the surrounding materials.

At Mirror Image, part of our customer service is to give you a call in the interval of time following your installation to make sure that everything is to your satisfaction. After that, we guarantee our installations for a further 10 years. With a little care and attention we confidently expect our products to last way beyond that time.

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