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How to Make the Most of the Space in Your Wardrobe

Posted on 15/06/2018
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Organised Sliding Door Wardrobe

Whether you have limited space in your bedroom or you simply have a lot of clothes, making the most of the space inside your fitted wardrobe will help you maximise storage and keep organised. Make the most of the space inside your new fitted wardrobe with these handy tips. 

Shoe Racks

Organise your shoes so that lesser worn shoes and seasonal shoes aren’t taking up prime space. Racks for commonly worn shoes keep them organised, tidy and visible. Pull out rails and shelves are a great way to keep everything at hand, even if your collection rivals Imelda Marcos’! 

Pull Down Rails 

Half height rails maximise hanging space for clothes but can be awkward for those of us who are shorter than average. Pull down rails make it comfortable and practical for all heights to access clothes rails, and if your ceiling height allows it makes it possible to even have three rails one above another! 

Drawers and Trays 

Shallow drawers or trays installed at hip height are a great way to organise small items such as jewellery, watches and accessories. Keeping these items in easy reach and neatly organised takes up less space than a bulky case or jewellery box. 

Baskets and Boxes

Shelving for accessories such as scarfs, hats, gloves and belts can quickly become unorganised and using up far more room than necessary. Using storage boxes or baskets lets you easily separate your items into groups – summer hats and winter hats for example – which you can rotate with the seasons. 

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