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Get Your Spare Bedroom in Shape for Christmas

Posted on 11/10/2018
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Spare Bedroom with Fitted Wardrobe Storage

Christmas is just around the corner, the time of year when spare bedrooms fully come into their own. Whether your grown children are coming home, friends are visiting or you’re hosting the whole family, there’s no doubt that it’s better to think about your spare room sooner rather than later! If like many, your spare room spends most of the year as a waiting room for ironing, craft projects and half unpacked suitcases from your last holiday then it’s time to get in shape! Here are our top tips for getting your room ready for guests this holiday season. 

Not Just a Bedroom 

A spare bedroom needs to be multifunctional and suit your needs all year round. If you often work from home or use a desktop computer, carve out a corner for a home office with a desk that works for you. If you use the room as a gym, a music room or studio make the room suit your needs first and as a bedroom second. 

Think Outside the Box

If you don’t often have guests, does a bed need to take up most of the room? Rather than a standard double bed in the middle of the room, consider your other options. Day beds, sofa beds and futons offer flexible solutions, while folding and trundle beds take up even less space whilst not in use. 

A Place for Everything

Proper storage helps to stop the “I’ll-get-to-it-later”-piling-up-of-stuff on the spare bed, or on any surface available! If you have a bed, invest in proper under bed storage boxes and vacuum bags for seasonal items. If you have a sofa bed, futon or trundle bed then you need somewhere to store spare bedding, duvets and pillows. Ottomans are ideal for duvets, but if you’re short on space for storing everything including bulky bedding then bespoke floor to ceiling built in storage might be the solution for you. 

Built in storage can keep everything neatly stored away, whilst also offering hanging space for guests and bulky winter coats. A mixture of hanging rails, shelving, drawers and flexible design means that you can optimise the space available far better than standard furniture would allow. 

Does your spare bedroom need a makeover? Book a free home design visit or pop along to one of our showrooms to see how we could make your spare room work for you. Browse online or order a free brochure to see a snapshot of the endless designs available for bespoke wardrobes, storage and home office furniture we can make for you. 

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