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Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted on 27/03/2019
Cleaning a mirrored wardrobe door

As spring blooms and the season changes, it’s time to give new life to your bedroom and freshen it up with a good old-fashioned spring clean. So open the windows to let some fresh air and sunshine in, and follow our top tips for making your bedroom sparkle! 

Dust First

Before the vacuum comes out or you begin sorting through forgotten jumpers, dust! Whether you prefer a traditional feather duster or a modern microfibre option, dust all surfaces first. Dust the walls and ceilings, shelves, door frames and every nook and cranny. Use the soft brush attachment on your hoover to reach cobwebs or dust bunnies in high places and along the tops of your skirting boards. Then switch to your main attachment to give everything a good vacuum before you begin cleaning. 

Mirrored Wardrobes

Use a dry microfibre cloth to gently dust your mirrors and mirrored furniture, then use a clean microfibre cloth to wipe away any smudges, fingerprints and marks. Spray your cleaner onto the cloth, not onto the glass and rub in a circular motion to achieve a streak free shine. There are many glass and window cleaners available, we recommend a white vinegar and water solution or a simply a diluted washing liquid mix – one squirt in a bucket of water is plenty. 

Soft Furnishings

Fabrics and soft furnishings can harbour lots of dust and smells, so giving them a good clean will help brighten your room. Check if your decorative cushions, throws and curtains can go through the washing machine and put them on a cool cycle. For anything that can’t go in the washing machine, and for rugs, take them outside to air and use an odour remover – such as a spray or powder that needs hoovering up. Choose a nice sunny day to give everything a good shake in the garden and leave to air out.

Clothes and Clutter

Whilst you have everything pulled out for cleaning, use the opportunity to have a big sort out, declutter and organise. Fill a bag of unwanted clothing and donate it to a local charity shop. Take worn out or stained clothing and bedding to a recycling bank. Wipe down the inside of your wardrobe and drawers before neatly organising your clothes and putting them away. 

Does your bedroom need more than an hour of elbow grease for it to be the room of your dreams? Visit one of our showrooms or book a free home design visit to see how we can transform your bedroom. 

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