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Stylish Storage That Sparks Joy

Posted on 05/02/2019
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The KonMari method of organising and tidying has been sweeping the world, asking us to question if possessions spark joy and making mindfulness a feature of housework. Japanese author Marie Kondo has revolutionised organisation with her simple and effective methods, her books and television show bringing the revolution to the masses. If the magic of tidying up has changed your life, continue to spark joy in your home by displaying your favourite possessions and staying organised with stylish storage! 

Bespoke installations in Brundall, Poringland and Norwich

Recent installations of open shelving and closed cupboards for modern homes. Left Brundall, top right Poringland and bottom left Norwich.

This recent installation by our team in Brundall, left, features an elegant combination of closed cabinets and open shelving. Fitting perfectly within the shallow alcove, the bespoke design provides open and closed storage ideal for storing neatly organised and cherished items on the open shelving and less aesthetically pleasing and practical possessions in the cupboards below. 

Bespoke Media Storage in Norfolk

Books and music are often as special to us as a sentimental possession, more practical but just as decorative as a simple ornament. Whilst decluttering, assessing what sparks joy or just tidying up, books, CDs and records are items that we hold on to. Choosing bespoke storage for your cherished collections enables you to appreciate them and make them a part of your home. 

Bespoke Bedroom with Glass Shelving

Open shelving can be a decorative feature in the bedroom too. Mirrored back panels and glass shelves, as well as recessed lighting, help make distinguished spaces to celebrate your favourite items. Show off bottles of perfume, special pieces of jewellery and sentimental ornaments so that they become part of your routine of getting dressed and ready for the day. 

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