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The 3 Hottest Design Trends of 2022

Posted on 27/01/2022
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three hottest design trends this year

One sure way to pack away the late winter blues is by planning some home improvements. And we know from experience that our bespoke storage solutions are transformational. We’ve been scouring the literature (well… the home and housekeeping magazines and websites) for the hottest interior design trends of 2022. 

Bold Patterns and Colours

After the last couple of years, when people have been spending way more time at home than they are used to, staring at the same four walls, many have made the decision to update the magnolias and greys to something more life affirming. And this trend is asserting itself in the fabrics and materials of home furnishing. We're talking bold primary and secondary colours in striking stripes and polka dot patterns.

Back to the 70s

This trend is a particular instance of the one above: certain features and colours associated with the decade that taste forgot are seeing a resurgence (not everything - the avocado bath suite is yet to make a comeback). Look out for mustard, sage and tan furniture fabrics, and peg legs on cabinets and chairs.

Traditional Details

You don’t have to have the budget for antique furniture in order to draw inspiration from its more appealing features. High quality finishes and attention to detail are essential qualities in furniture that you want to be in use for many years to come.

When you work with the designers at Mirror Image to create your new wardrobe, the only limit is your imagination. Whether you look to the future, or take your inspiration from the 1970s (or even the 1870s), you can create something that is uniquely yours and perfect for your home!

Are you looking to update your home this year? Order a brochure or book a free home visit and let us help you design the perfect fitted furniture for your home that will look great for years to come. 

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