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New Year - New Wardrobe, Interior Design Trends for 2024

Posted on 14/12/2023

Pantone's colour of the year card next to some trending colurs' swatches

As the festive period ceases it brings an end to the beautiful glimmer of Christmas lights and golden tinsel. Our homes return to their normal selves, but the excitement of the new year still has plenty to celebrate. We believe this should be reflected in our homes - save the post-Christmas blues and fill that empty space where the Christmas tree once stood with something new.

To help with this we have been busy looking into the predictions for the hottest interior design trends of 2024:

Warm and Relaxing Colours

Pantone have continued their annual tradition of picking colour of the year and have chosen PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz for 2024. They hope that this soft blend of pink and orange will promote kindness and community, which is also reflected in the predictions for interior design. These endearing shades combined with the ongoing popularity of contemporary off-whites and sage green results in warm toned browns and colourful earthy greens. Some will be swapping out the ‘clean and modern' white and grey style for something more nurturing, a room to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Dark Tones of Wood

Richer and darker selections of wood are growing in popularity ready for 2024, accompanying our chosen earthy tones splendidly. This pairing works to create a perfectly contrasted room of elegance and comfort in the heart of your home. Yet paired with these colours or not, using darker wood for your furniture is bound to make an immediate eye-catching impact.

Uniquely Yours

Why should you paint a room with one brush? Matching your wooden furniture to the colour of your sofas certainly works, but some of the top designers are predicting that our homes are starting to be coloured ‘outside the lines’. A rising trend, particularly on social media, is filling your homes with items that bring joy, whether they match or stand distinctly on their own. Resulting in a fun and exciting contrast of colour and pattern throughout your home which is entirely and uniquely you.

Custom Built Furniture

Speaking of being uniquely you, multiple sources are predicting custom bespoke furniture becoming a popular trend of 2024. They say home owners are prioritising custom furniture that fits precisely to the layout of their home and to their exact taste. This furniture is a lifetime investment for your home, rather than the endless ‘move around’ every year to try and save some more space without detriment to your storage needs.

Whether you are going to follow these predicted trends for 2024 or break some rules and set your own , we are here to help. At Mirror Image we work with our clients to build bespoke fitted furniture and bring their exact vision to life. If you are looking to update your home this year, order a brochure or book a free home visit and let us help you design the perfect fitted furniture for your home that will look great for years to come.

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