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Modern Offices and The Benefits of Standing Desks

Working at a standing desk in a modern office

Gimmicks like slides, table football and mini golf have been finding their way into modern offices over the past several years, inspired by the playground scenarios of big tech companies like Google and Facebook. While wacky workplaces are already seen as rather unfashionable and unnecessary, the trend of more informal working environments centred around health and wellbeing is one that’s building momentum. It’s becoming common practice now for office workers to monitor and reduce the time spent sitting behind a desk as the benefits of standing desks continue to grow. Study after study is showing that modifiable desks are necessary for a healthy, modern workplace. 


Sitting behind a desk is how most of us spend our days at work, in the UK adults spend an average of seven hours sitting a day as our lives become ever more sedentary. Studies have linked excessive sitting with obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Sitting for long periods also slows the metabolism, affecting the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat. 

Standing at a desk, even for a third or half a day, can have an incredible impact on heath and weight. A 2011 study showed that participants increased their life expectancy by two years by just reducing their sitting time from six hours a day to three. 

One of the benefits of an adjustable desk is better posture


Slouching at a desk and sitting incorrectly can cause poor posture, which in turn causes back pain and problems with muscles, discs and joints. Many of us suffer from back pain, in fact it’s one of the biggest causes of sick days and disability in the UK. A height adjustable desk will allow you to choose an ideal height when standing or sitting. 

Simply standing up improves core strength, leading to overall better posture. There are many accessories available to help with standing and posture too, including mats, footrests and active seating. 


There have been almost as many studies on the effect standing desks have on productivity as there have been on the health benefits. Indeed it seems that the two are linked, with many companies and studies reporting increased productivity, energy levels, increased comfort and morale. One study showed a rise in productivity of 50% for workers using adjustable desks while another study showed a 10% boost. 

Whatever the increase in productivity, not sitting down all day is definitely better for you. No studies have shown a decrease in productivity and the health benefits are astounding. If you work from home you have full control of your office environment, so make it work for you. We offer a full design service and will help you create a workspace that helps you be as productive as possible, without compromising on quality or style. 

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