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Feng Shui Basics for Your Bedroom

Posted on 22/02/2018
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A bedroom we fitted that is perfect for practising Feng Shui.

Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy that seeks to harmonise individuals with their environment, and is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics. Dating back to at least 4000 BC, when feng shui relied on astronomy to orient homes, churches and buildings to the universe, the practice has long been used to decide the layout of buildings both inside and outside. There are several schools of thought in the practising of feng shui, with most modern practices drawing on different forms that have developed over the past 6000 years. With such a long history it can seem daunting to begin to incorporate elements into your home, but armed with the basics of feng shui you can give your bedroom a makeover that you can feel as well as see. 

Feng Shui Basics for your bed

  • Be able to approach your bed from both sides, only the headboard should be against a wall. Only being able to access a bed from one side restricts the flow of energy around the room and affects the flow of love energy, which is bad for relationships. 
  • Have a bedside table on both sides of the bed. Having the two sides of the bed equally balanced is especially important for couples, although is a good rule to follow even if you live alone. 

Bed Location

  • Don’t have your bed aligned with the door, ie when you lay down your feet should not be pointing toward a bedroom or en-suite door. Traditional feng shui says energy isn’t contained but is depleted and pulled away by the door at night as you sleep. 
  • If you can’t move your bed so that it isn’t facing a door, have a high footboard and place a piece of furniture between the door and the bed. 


  • Mirrors should not face the bed as it is said to reflect your body, depleting personal energy. Mirrors are also said to bring the energy of a third party, which is bad for relationships and affects the flow of love energy. 
  • Adjust the location of any hanging artwork, lamps, or items of furniture that have sharp angles facing you as you lie down in bed. Soften any hard corners, angles or ‘poison arrows’ that face you as you sleep. 

Want a fitted bedroom to allow for easier practice of feng shui? We can help, call us on at one of our showrooms or email info@mirrorimageltd.co.uk.

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