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Dressing Room Ideas for your Box Room

Posted on 11/10/2023

Three images showing fitted wardrove and built in desk in box room

One room found in many homes can become the ‘spare storage room’ which may sound familiar to many of you: that one box room in your home that is too small to seem to be of use. It gradually gathers boxes and drawers full of disorganised and, because of that, unused items. Here are a few ideas for turning a box room into a spacious, organised dressing room, decluttered and stress-free:

Fitting bespoke storage provides easy access and plenty of space for your personal items. We can maximise the potential of the smallest room, utilising features such as tall ceilings to install double height rails, or high cupboard storage for items you might not need so often. We can make use of every corner, and are even able to install solutions such as angled rails for difficult corners so that every item has its own place, effectively using limited room for maximum storage.

Sliding Doors on your Wardrobe

Sliding doors can make your wardrobe far more accessible. By moving left to right rather than outwards, they allow for furniture to be placed next to the wardrobe, without restricting access, which may be the case when it comes to small sized rooms.

Use of Colour

Colour can easily influence the interior of your dressing room, lighter colours tend to work best for a small room, as the light reflects off of the walls and furniture creating the illusion of more space. However this is simply just our recommendation, we offer 57 different colour schemes for our sliding panels, ranging from a classy dark walnut wood to a cashmere satin glass option, whichever feels more you.

Reflection of Mirrors

Mirrors are another way to expand and brighten your room with natural light, whether that is a vanity mirror reflecting the natural light for your morning routine or a floor length mirror attached to our bespoke furniture to help you pick the perfect outfit for the day. They're not only practical for your dressing room but also reflect light across the room and create the illusion of more space and less of an enclosed area.

These suggestions are simply that… suggestions. Your box room dressing room is uniquely your space and you can include your own specific ideas. Because our furniture is all custom made, we have no ‘standard sizes’ as such, and can accommodate your ideas, bringing them to life in your dream dressing room. To arrange a chat with a designer who can help, contact Mirror Image on 01603 417577 or drop by our Norwich showroom.

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