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Creating the Best Office Layout for Productivity at Home

Posted on 12/01/2018
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A traditional fitted home office in Norfolk

Working from home offers many advantages, but a lack of distractions is not one of them. Creating a productive environment is essential for anyone working from home and it’s about far more than keeping clutter off your desk and the door closed to the family. These are our top tips for choosing the best layout of your home office for productivity. 


Keep what you need most often close by and tidy away things you don’t need so often. Thinking about the importance of your belongings when you design the layout will help decide how much filing space you need by your desk and whether bookshelves would be best behind your desk or at a right angle to it. 

Just like in a kitchen – where an oven, sink and fridge are laid out in a triangle formation – a triangular layout in a study is often the most conducive to efficient working. Lay out your desk and the two most used items of furniture in a triangle around your chair, putting work around you at arm’s reach. 


Natural lighting affects our health in many ways, one being that exposure to natural light aids productivity. Consider placing your desk in front of or by a window so that you get as much sunlight as possible. 

To avoid glare, don’t have overhead lights above your computer and, to reduce eyestrain, don’t place bright lamps or light sources behind the screen. Opt for bright, even light with a mixture of general, accent and task lighting. 

Extra features to improve productivity

Features to improve productivity and maintain a clutter free environment. 


Assess where plugs and telephone sockets are in the room and, if necessary, have them moved or additional points installed in a more convenient space. If your home office is located far from your home’s router, invest in another. Good internet speed is vital for a productive working day. 


Studies by psychologists have shown that employees are 15% more productive when there are houseplants in their offices. Engaging with surroundings, such as watering plants, improves productivity and plants improve air quality too. 

Avoid cluttering your space with personal mementoes, you are at home after all and there are enough distractions and personal knick-knacks elsewhere in the house! 

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