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Converting a Box Room into a Walk-In Wardrobe

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If you live in Norwich or Cambridge, chances are you’re in the large percentage of people who live in the thousands of Victorian and Georgian terraced houses that characterise our cities. The ‘two up, two down with a box room’ terrace is a ubiquitous design across the country thanks to the boom in housebuilding in the Victorian era. Whether or not you have a hall entrance or bay windows, the box room is undoubtedly the upstairs room that isn’t quite big enough for a bedroom (despite estate agent’s insistence otherwise) and often sits awkwardly off your master room rather than off a landing. Turning the box room into a walk-in wardrobe makes the most of the space, as well as freeing up valuable floor space in your bedroom. Here are our top tips for designing your dream dressing room…

Rip out the Radiator! 

Every inch of space is precious in a box room and radiators will determine where you can put anything - so give yourself a blank canvas and rip it out! Underfloor heating may seem extravagant, but in a house susceptible to cold and damp as many older properties are, it’s a practical investment and one you’ll be grateful for on winter mornings. 

20% Rule

To work out how much rail space you need, measure the width of your current hanging clothes rails and add 20%. Don’t forget to include items such as coats and dressing gowns which may not currently be in your wardrobe. Separate short and long garments, two rows of short hanging rails can be fitted one above the other to make the most of space. 

Full Height

Whilst box rooms are small, they are blessed with taller ceilings than modern houses. Take advantage of the space and plan for full height wardrobes and shelving. Store items that you don’t need so often high up, such as hat boxes and fancy dress. Similarly make use of floor space and under rails. Drawers and shelves under rails will make better use of space than a row of shoes on the floor.

Door or No Door?

Removing the door into the box room can make the room seem bigger. However, no matter how lovely it is, you may wish to separate it from your bedroom. A sliding door or barn door is a modern option that we can provide for you, that doesn’t infringe on valuable floor space. Mirrored doors on your wardrobes will make a box room feel bigger, but you may wish to only mirror a few doors so that the room doesn’t become a disorientating hall of mirrors. 

We have a style that will suit every home and the design possibilities are countless. If you would like more information about our range of fitted bedroom furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call into our showrooms in Cambridge and Norwich or request a glossy brochure to peruse at your leisure!

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