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20% Discount on Sliding Door Ranges in Selected Colours

Posted on 28/09/2023

Collage of different examples of wood under a Sale Now On sign

We’re running a fantastic offer this season on selected colour doors within our sliding door range. Choosing a colour from our discounted selection will get you a 20% reduction on the cost of the sliding door for your wardrobe!

These are the full details of the specific door colours within the ranges that qualify for the discount.


Sliding Doors in the colour White

Discounted door colour:

  • White

Calgary is one of our most popular sliding door ranges - and white is a door frame colour that never goes out of fashion because it complements everything!


Sample of wood and sliding doors in the colour Cognac

Discounted door colour:

  • Cognac

The colour cognac is named after the brandy. Like its alcoholic namesake, the colour is often associated with luxury. It’s a neutral, brown, earthy colour with a reddish tint.


Sliding doors in the colour sonoma oak

Discounted door colour:

  • Sonoma oak

Sonoma oak is a light and natural shade of oak wood. It has a distinctive texture that features white streaks and veins that create a contrast with the base colour.


Samples of the two different wood colours

Discounted door colours:

  • Walnut
  • Wenge

Walnut’s eternal popularity stems from the fact that it works with both warm and cool colour schemes. Wenge is named after the African hardwood with an attractive dark texture.

For more information about the ranges included in our sale, or to book an appointment to chat to a member of our sales team, either in our showroom or at your residence, give us a call on 01603 417577 to arrange a convenient time.