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Wonderful Woods: Colours and Styles in our Mitre Range

What makes wood so appealing? At first glance, wood can appear a less exciting choice, when compared with a bright opaque or mirrored finish. The beauty of natural materials, like wood, is in the subtlety. Whether you choose to install furniture made from real wood or a wood finish, you can guarantee you will achieve an effect that is naturally versatile. If you love the clean, warm tones of wooden furniture then our Mitre range could be the perfect choice for your new fitted furniture. Read on to explore the wood colour styles available in Mirror Image’s Mitre range.

A Mitre wardrobe in a beige bedroom

Wonderful Walnut

Walnut is a type of hardwood, popular for fine cabinet making, and therefore associated with elegant furniture styles. Walnut is known for its straight grains and comes in varying chocolate brown shades. We have three gorgeous shades for you to choose from in our Mitre range. From the hot chocolate grains of Dark Walnut, to the sumptuous coffee shades of Medium Walnut and the creamy colour of Light Walnut, you’re sure to find something to delight.

Beautiful Beech

With its light yet warming shades, beech is a popular wood furniture style. Fine, closely spaced grains make beech an unimposing, versatile choice.

Hornschurch Ivory

For those who prefer a painted wood finish, we have Hornschurch Ivory. The bright airy surface of ivory furniture adds character, without detracting from the warmth of the wood itself.

A hornschurch Mitre wardrobe

Stylish Swiss

Also known as European Pear, Swiss Pear is an elegant fine wood grained wood, held in high regard around the world.

Forbo Maple

This wood finish is based on the wood of the maple tree. Traditionally, two types of maple have been used in furniture making. The commonly used sapwood of the maple lumber tends to come in a range of off-white shades, whereas the heartwood is of a darker reddish hue. Our Forbo Maple is an attractive straight grained, golden wood.

Fabulous Fittings

The paneling on the doors is available in three styles: Ashby, Barkby and Somerby. Bespoke options mean you can mix and match any element of your furniture - doors, panels, mirrors, handles - to create a truly unique style, just perfect for you.

A Mitre wardrobe in a large bedroom

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