The Benefits of Hinged Wardrobe Doors

Posted 16/05/17

If you are considering revamping your bedroom, you may be wondering whether to opt for outward-opening hinged doors or for sliding doors. We understand our customers want to make the right choice. Both types of door are available at Mirror Image in a wide array of styles. We recently wrote about the benefits of sliding doors. In this week’s blog, we offer you some insight into the reasons to opt for hinged wardrobe doors. 

Telling the Time

A solid wood wardrobe

Whilst it really is a matter of preference, if you want doors in keeping with a more traditional style you might want to consider hinged wardrobe doors. With antique furnishings or wooden floors, this style of door can be more in accordance with with the interior design of your property. If a traditional look is what you are after, check out what we have available in our Solid Wood range.

Access All Areas

Hinged doors mean the entirety of the wardrobe can be visible at one time. With both doors open at once, it’s possible you can also manoeuvre bulky items more easily into place if required. Hinged doors do away with the need for tracks, as would be fitted in the case of sliding doors. Just like our sliding door ranges, you can also choose from a number of different design styles and a variety of door handles. 

Amazing Choice

Premier Wardrobe

Although the traditional look is a valid choice, hinged doors needn’t be conventional in style. We have a huge range of bedroom designs to choose from so you can combine the practical benefits of hinged doors with the modern style that suits you. Check out our online galleries or visit one of our showrooms to see what we have in our Bliss, Premier, High Gloss, Solid Wood and Mitre ranges.

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