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Whoever declared the death of print needn’t be sharpening their obituary pencil just yet. Yes, the world is changing and, increasingly, we all get a more substantial amount of our information online. But the truth of the relationship between businesses and their printed and digital marketing campaigns is more nuanced than the simple ‘digital killed print’ narrative gives credit for. Our glossy A4 printed brochure is a case in point. Let’s take a closer look.

A Luxury Feel

We love our website and it is an important tool for displaying information about our range of products. However, we will also send a printed brochure out to customers who request one online or in store. Our product is high-end bespoke-built furniture that is fitted exactly to your bedroom or home office. We believe a luxury colour brochure printed on thick paper of high quality reflects this.

Our Latest Brochure

Our latest brochure was put together by the designers at Eclipse Design from photographs and content that we provided. Every photograph is a genuine installation in someone’s home. There are no mocked-up room sets to be seen. The brochure is image heavy – we want to give people a real idea of the scope of our product ranges. We have furniture suitable for old country houses, contemporary apartments and everything in between.


Alongside the pictures in our luxury brochures are genuine testimonials from satisfied customers. Take this comment from Derek Chisnall:

“This great ongoing customer service certainly justifies our decision to have you design and install our wardrobes and we remain delighted with them, so thanks again from us both!”

We have a style that will suit every home and the design possibilities are countless. If you would like more information about our range of fitted bedroom furniture, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call into our showrooms in Cambridge and Norwich or request a glossy brochure to peruse at your leisure!

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