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Home Office Installation for Poringland Property

The raised shelving unit we installed.

Is the future of work going to be working from home? In today’s super-connected world, we just need to be tethered to a wi-fi hotspot – and that can be almost anywhere. The main difficulty with working from home is balancing your laptop on your lap or jostling for space at the kitchen table with the kids’ latest Lego project. The happy compromise is to install a dedicated office space in the home, just as the owners of this property in Poringland chose to do.


One end of the room is occupied by a wall-to-wall desk with lockable drawers either side and plenty of legroom. You can see from the image that there is some boxed pipework running up the righthand corner of the room. Features like this are no trouble to work around. When you choose to have furniture built bespoke by Mirror Image, we will cut our materials to fit the exact measurements of your space. 

Raised Shelving Unit

To make the most of the wall space above and behind the desk we installed a raised shelving unit. The shelves were large enough to store box files. As with the desk, we were able to work around the awkward corner feature. 

The window seat we installed.

Window Seat

As part of the same project we installed a window seat into a bay window. Perfect for taking a break from the desk and having a look at some paperwork under natural lighting conditions. Little cupboard doors beneath the seat provide access to additional storage space.

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